About Eric Soft Communication Technoloy Limited


eSoft Communication Limited is a fast growing Information and Communications Technology (ICT) company, which specializes in the development, research, deployment and creation of customized and service oriented software applications. As a corporate Nigeria organization, we seek to deliver to our primary market (Nigeria) and the international market the best I.T services that can help build businesses and deliver optimum and timely solutions per time. We have developed the technical and managerial expertise to provide comprehensive and tailored solutions to meet the specific requirements of our customers home and abroad . We are a collection of highly experienced technology consultants, application developers, technical leads, user experience professionals, and project managers. Our unequalled market strategy is in the delivery of our service using globally acceptable application development standards and project management methodologies and processes.

eSoft communication Limited offers your organization quality technical resources for systems support and systems development, and a dedicated team of experienced Software Developers, programmers, network and system administrators committed to meeting delivery deadlines, budget allocations and other business IT objectives. Our team is available to help build, configure and maintain your IT platforms and applications's. We provide proactive, onsite and remote systems management, system administration and support most variants of technologies.

Our Mission

Our dream is to be an agent of change on the African continent by providing problem solving applications that enables businesses, organizations, institution and government achieve increased efficiency indices through automation of key business processes. Our clients are at the centre of our business concerns.

Our Vision

Our vision is to develop a world class IT business environment that will deliver competitive quality services and value to customers.

Our Core Value

We will think it through from caterpillar stages to the point of the end users,- from designing the framework, to the technology that must go into it, to the online marketing campaign that builds qualified leads - all under one roof, on a foundation of proven, qualified experience
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